The Back Roads is an automotive media outlet aimed at the next generation of motoring enthusiasts by Liam Freeman, Bentley Perkins and Alex Harrington.

Devoted to creating high-quality and accessible content, The Back Roads aims to deliver the reader an exciting, younger and fresher take on an existing format.

We provide an exciting array of content ranging from reviews of some of the most iconic, high-tech and interesting cars to date as well as feature articles, videos, and cinematic pieces.

“An upstanding group of people, unless they sit down.”

Twitter user: @KieranOPoole

Meet The Team

Liam Freeman – Co-Founder, Managing Editor
Liam, alongside Bentley Perkins, is a founder of and has previously had experience within the motoring world creating content at DRIVETRIBE as community manager.

Alex Harrington – Editor
Alex joined The Back Roads team in late 2016, bringing his experience in fresh, innovative written content to a brand new audience. Alex is also Editor-in-chief at Grand Tour Nation.

Bentley Perkins – Co-Founder, Videographer
Bentley, along-side Liam, is one of the founders of The Back Roads. Bentley has a long history of interest in all things that require an engine to move and has studied videography in the past to boast a unique skill-set.

Jared Hodges – Editor
Jared is the most recent addition to the team, joining The Back Roads as editor and contributor to The Back Roads Community outlets. Self-proclaimed “Master of all things pun related” can usually be found making outlandish modifications to his Mini and overlooking the community.