ScrewDriver | The Dating App for Petrolheads


Match. Drive. Repeat.

Introducing ScrewDriver, the next generation dating app for petrolheads by thebackroads.co.uk

ScrewDriver is a regional-based social media mobile app that allows it’s user base to “Yay” or “Nay” other users, and allows freedom to chat about cars, vapes and middle-lane hoggers if both petrolheads liked each other in the app.

Tired of your partners forcing you to get rid of the race car? ScrewDriver matches you up with other people who share your interests such as; McDonald’s meetups, Tesco carpark burnouts and much, much more!

Why choose ScrewDriver? ScrewDriver allows you complete control on who sees your profile. Our next-generation algorithm only allows you to see users who that have an 80%+ match rate, meaning you’re guaranteed a new “drive”.

Make the first move – Start meeting new car people in your area!

On ScrewDriver, you make the first move. We’re levelling the starting grid and changing the dynamics of relationships in the motoring world. We believe relationships should begin with respect and equality, not a riced out Corsa.

How does it work? It’s simple. Add a profile picture, a bio that best describes you and off you go! You can even add the type of car you drive, your interests and favourite driving song, directly into your profile on the app! It really is that simple.

Why wait around at car meets and leave it to chance? Meet your ideal partner, right here and date with ease without all of the unnecessary add ons.



Download the app today to find your perfect car-t-ner.


We hope you have a good April 1st.

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