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Test Drive Unlimited 2 - The predecessor to the inbound Test Drive Unlimited 3Many people hold certain game titles in high esteem as the all-time greats and the legends of video gaming history. Games such as Outrun, Colin McRae Rally and Need For Speed Most Wanted are up there. With them is the Test Drive Unlimited Franchise, both games on high pedestals. However, it has been around 10 years since we saw the last title. The story behind Test Drive over the past decade has been an absolute rollercoaster. After all these years, we finally get an official word from them… Test Drive Unlimited 3 is coming.

The Interview

Maybe that was a tiny bit of a lie. If you read my last article, you would’ve seen that a news outpost, Venture Beat interviewed the Head of Publishing at Nacon on March the 1st, 2020. Benoit Clerc talked about KT Racing’s past successes and finally going on to explicitly saying how they were developing a “Test Drive Unlimited game”. Not just that but saying that it is their biggest project by far.WRC9 - KT Racing, Test Drive Unlimited 3's developers, WRC Franchise

Not just KT Racing’s biggest project, Nacon’s. KT Racing is known most famously for the WRC series; A rally franchise by the official WRC people. Nacon has a plethora of studios, and to say that it’s the biggest project by far, is a very bold statement.

The Clip

June 30th, 2020. Nacon released a trailer for their upcoming Nacon Connect event where they’ll be showcasing their new and upcoming games. However, there was one very brief clip for a split second in their trailer for Nacon Connect…

Test Drive Unlimited 3 Announcement Teaser - Koenigsegg Regera

This was the image that we saw. A very high end looking garage, with its shiny floors and a window view. The man in the suit adds to the vibe of high end and of course the car. Sitting ahead of the man in the suit is the silhouette of something matching a hyper classification, likely the Koenigsegg Regera.

The Test Drive Unlimited 3 Announcement

A few days pass with rumours being spread among the community. However earlier today, a little something went a long way.

Adding to the very modern vibe that the previous clip gave us, this little animation has an almost sci-fi feel to it.  On a personal note, I’m absolutely adoring this already. I like a lot of old cars, but I also like the new and I think it’s nice that they’re buying into the modern theme.

The slowest but most underappreciated starter car

On the other hand, though, I really do hope that they didn’t just work on the new. A lot of franchises have recently been spitting out modern supercars left right and centre. It’d be a massive disappointment if they had left out the lower performance cars or the true classics.

The Showcase

This is it. Nacon Connect starts at 6 PM UK time on the 7th of July. If you’ve got ideas to share or just want to talk about the game, then don’t forget to check out our discord server! See you there!


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