Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – The Announcement


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown… I guess they gave up on numbers? In their Nacon Connect premiere, they already attended to a few of the questions and concerns that the community had and gave us an official title and just under half a minute of footage to hype the community.

The Video

At this point in time, lots of people are currently either in love or raging at this reveal for a few reasons that you can already imagine. Firstly, it’s not a lot to go on which is the main reason why people are annoyed. Following their clip they gave us in the trailer for Nacon Connect, they showed us a little bit more with some flashy cars and cool upbeat music.

Instantly we can already start to piece together a Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Diabolo SV. In addition to this, we see a person stepping out with high heels. Could this be Tess Wintory from TDU2? Or a two brand new characters. All we know is that we’ll have to wait to find out.

Beyond the trailer

Alain Jarniou, the Creative Director at KT Racing was the one who presented TDUSC. So first thing’s first, what’s going on with the funky name? Jarniou explains that they wanted to reuse the name of the Solar Crown championship from TDU2 and the concept of the championship. They don’t want it to be a close championship anymore with just the one player. They want to “give players a variety of things to do and the freedom to progress through the game however they want”.

He goes on to explain how they have updated the gameplay and game modes to make them more modern. While the physics engine is not the same as WRC’s physics engine, they will be using their expertise to create a new engine with all sorts of driving conditions and surfaces. We also get a glimpse of a convertible Porsche Interior and an Apollo Intensa Emozione

Another key feature they mention is the modern high-end luxury cars and clothes and accessories you can give you avatars which there are going to be lots of customisation for. On top of this, he announces that they have created a 1:1 scale island map for the game, which give the final blow on my debunking of the fake Reddit post. This island, of course, is in the real world, all we need to think of now is… which one?

More Waiting?

Yes, we will have to wait longer. How long for, we don’t know. However, I do really respect why they haven’t given a date as of yet. They wanted to know how the community would react, and so that they have time to polish the game so that the TDU3 hype wouldn’t all be in vain.

Guess we’ll have to sit tight and see what they have in store for us! While you wait you could add it to your wishlist on steam now! Don’t forget to come to say hi on our discord server.


Leon Htin-Kyaw

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