The Best Photo Locations In Forza Horizon 4


It’s no hidden truth that Forza Horizon has some utterly stunning scenery to drive through.

Whether that be the purple fields and plains of the Cotswolds or the twisting dirt tracks of Scottish mountains. You may even want to take some pictures of your favourite cars in the best locations on the map, so here’s a handy guide to help you.

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1). Glen Rannoch back roads

Glen Rannoch is set in the Scottish Highlands and is perfect for astonishing wide shots focusing on landscape and angles. You’ll often find those with rally cars sliding around this area of the map, honing their skills. We recommend to head up there in Autumn and spring – with the time setting towards the late afternoon/sunset for the best results.

You can either take your car up there solo, or a couple of friends. We wouldn’t recommend any more than three cars in one photo here though otherwise, it could look quite crowded.

Car wise, anything retro or rally works really well. Super and sports cars don’t really look right in the environment so we’d suggest sticking to cars suited for the roads.


Forza Horizon 4

2). The Cotswolds – Astmoor

The Cotswolds or specifically the Astmoor area is always a fantastic setting for anything remotely classic or retro. the colour and the landscape really brings out the detail in pictures – we recommend taking pictures with high depth of field and heading to this location in summer or winter. Time of day is no real issue as the environment looks stunning at any time of day. But we’d suggest early morning or late evening/sunset.

The roads are perfect for group pictures so be sure to get your mates online and grab some iconic classics for these gravel and dirt tracks.

We’d personally suggest anything older than 1999 for this location as you’ll really bring out the best in the lighting, reflections and feel of the image.

Forza Horizon 4

3). Edinburgh City – The Back Streets

Edinburgh is great for those urban shots everyone loves to get in their lowered Fiesta ST – but our locations aren’t exactly the traditional hot spots. We much prefer the gritty back street feel with the high street shops and sharp turning roads.

This location is utterly ideal for anything modified, high-performance or mildly exotic. You could definitely get a group of friends here for a meet at the local cinema carpark too.

Recommended times to head there are midday and night time for the ultimate lighting conditions.


Forza Horizon 4

4). Party at the beach – Bamburgh Castle

We all like a party at the beach and Bamburgh Castle is no exception. The views are fantastic from the sand dunes located slightly further down the beach providing the perfect playground as well as a great photo location.

We’d recommend coming here in the summer and bringing something “off-roady” such as an older landrover or Baja buggy.

Even better if you can get here while it’s raining so pools of water rest on the sand. Shot wise, we’d say try definitely getting the castle in the background.

Forza Horizon 4

5). Derwent Dam – Rust Central

Derwent Dam is a great location for “out in the wild” shots due to its natural woodland landscape. We recommend anything with off-road capabilities here and that you head down to the foot of the damn so you get that fantastic backdrop of the water crashing down behind you.

You can have any number of cars here really and will look stunning at any time of year or time of day (aside night time, obviously).

The surrounding area is also very picturesque so get snapping.


Forza Horizon 4

6). Caffeine & Machine car meet location – Ambleside

Now sorry to burst your bubble, but the actual Caffeine and Machine building isn’t in Forza Horizon 4 but there is a building that looks suspiciously similar.

This location is ideal for car meets and photos. You can bring anything you want here and it’ll look perfect. Besides, who doesn’t like a trip to the pub? If you don’t know what Caffeine and Machine is, be sure to click here to see what their real-life location is all about.

In short, they are a brilliant location in reality for car meets and actively theme their entire business around such activities. Much like Ace Cafe in London.

Time of year should certainly be either Autumn or winter. Time of day doesn’t really matter too much as there’s lighting all around the location.

Forza Horizon 4

7). The Airstrip – Track Toy Heaven

This one is pretty self-explanatory really. The airfield is the perfect place to bring a track toy or something stupidly quick to drag race against your mates. We’d recommend anything light, high performance or drift based for this location as you’d be reflecting its real-life uses.

You shouldn’t really have a problem with space so be sure to bring the whole gang for a photoshoot – the time of year depends, certainly not winter. Probably summer and Autumn are the most visually pleasing.

Go on! Get snapping.


Forza Horizon 4

Well, that finishes up our top photo locations for Forza Horizon 4 – What did you think? Did we miss any? Let us know your recommendations in the comments section.

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