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Synth/Retrowave has had a dramatic increase in popularity over the past five or so years with even some modern day pop songs taking inspiration from the 80s style of music – Petrol heads interest in this rising genre is no exception. There’s something quite raw about a car with a pure driving experience, a radio and nothing but the empty urban roads in the early hours of the morning.

Here’s some of our best picks for the ultimate retro / synthwave driving songs.

1. Resonance – Home

It comes as no surprise that “Resonance – home” is on this list, being on of the most universally recognisable retrowave inspired songs currently out there. Sit back, drop a gear or two and watch the street lamps roll by.

2. R.e.d.m – VHS Dreams

R.e.d.m is certainly one of the higher octane songs on this list with hard-hitting beats and punchy vocals. Sometimes less is most definitely more.

3. Waves – Dance With The Dead

One of the more classic style of song on our list, Waves brings out the best of synthwave in a clean and modern package. This is one you’ll definitely want on your playlist!

4. True Survivor – David Hasselhoff

Perhaps one of the most famous songs on our list, True Survivor was originally created for the Youtube Film, Kung Fury which featured Hasselhoff in a ‘K.I.T.T-esque’ voice in the films Lamborghini Countach.

5. Fight Against Time – Waveshaper

Coming in at number five on our list is ‘Fight against time’ for its overall style and pace. The song features a variety of moods and styles with a fantastic beat. You can almost see the neon lights in your head…

That’s our top pick for the ultimate retrowave and synthwave driving songs! If you liked some of the songs on this list then check out our ultimate retrowave driving album on Spotify!

Two hours of nothing but the ultimate 80s style driving songs.

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