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2020 Formula 1 Car Reveals: Which is the best looking F1 car?


The 2020 Cars are out… How do they look?

With the 2020 Formula 1 Season just around the corner, we have now seen the various teams reveal their title challengers. And here, I’ll go over what I believe are the best and worst looking of the bunch. Unfortunately, none of the cars look bad this year so actually making this list was difficult… Anyway, sound simple enough? Good, let’s get started and look at the best looking F1 car of 2020.

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The Best Looking F1 Cars ranked:

10. Renault RS.20

There are 2 opinions that I have on the 2020 Renault challenger, those being for the testing and likely 2020 Season livery. The testing livery was nothing of particular interest to me. In essence, it is fairly dull and uninteresting. It is not ugly, but it is not spectacular. Then there is normal the livery that will likely be used. While it is certainly not bad, I am not normally a huge fan of yellow, so I couldn’t really put it up higher on the list. Still, I do not find either ugly.

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9. Haas VF20

The first car to be revealed in 2020, it is one that is good looking, but not spectacular. The red, white, and black livery is a major improvement on the VF19 from 2019, and it is certainly not ugly, but it is not my favorite.

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8. Mercedes W11

It looks the same as last year basically, just with some red. However, the W10 was never bad looking. So while it is not anything massively beautiful to me, I still find it to be a good looking car. Plus, the red on the airbox looks almost like a tribute to Niki Lauda, so it gets points for that alone.

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7. Alfa Romeo C39

The C39 is not a major visual change from last year, but there is at least one major change, that being the red stripes running down the nose of the car. While it is a change, it brings a sense of elegance to the cars various angles, and I think that it’s rather nice. While it isn’t the highest, there is nothing wrong with it.

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6. McLaren MCL35

This years’ McLaren brought yet another update to the classic orange of McLaren. With notably more of it on the back end of the car. In addition, the orange base color was changed to a matte shade, which is not particularly bad at all.

The reasons it is not higher up on the list, outside of me simply liking other liveries more, is that I liked the physical shape of the preceding MCL34 more. But overall, this car looks great

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5. Racing Point RP20

An improvement over last year I must say. The RP20 looks great to put it simply. In livery terms, it’s more like the 2018 Car now that there is no SportPesa title sponsor on the car, but that’s fine as I liked that car anyway. And as noted, the pink cars of Force India and Racing Point are about the only pink cars that I like anyway. I also like the physical changes to the nose, It’s a lot slimmer and I rather like that.

It’s solid, not much more to say there.

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4.  Williams FW43

Guys we really need to stop with the toothpaste memes… Even if they’re true.

All jokes aside the car looks brilliant and I think it’s a marked improvement over last year. It almost brings a video Game-like appearance to the grid. The red, white, and blue all very nicely contrast each other, and bring a lot more to the car than last year. The only thing I personally would like is more blue, and a darker shade at that. But overall, I rather like it.

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3. Red Bull RB16

I can hear it now… “Boo it’s the same car all over again”. Yeah yeah whatever, the uniqueness of a design is hardly notable to me if it doesn’t look good. And while this might be the same livery used since 2016, I still love it. Simply put, Red Bull develops cars that I think look great. It doesn’t bother me if it isn’t new if it looks better than most of what is.

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Which is the best looking F1 car? It’s a tie…

So that is that. While most have a well defined favorite, I really don’t. By looks alone, I have 2 favorites that I cannot separate, so with that, here we are…

Ferrari SF-1000

Ferrari please be consistent with your naming structure, It’s confusing…

In all seriousness though, I rather like the Ferrari look in general. What can I say? Red looks really good on Formula 1 Cars. The changes from last year aren’t too major, more red on the front wing and a different number font come to mind, but overall the livery looks very similar. There are physical changes as well, with the car being slimmer overall and having various changes to aerodynamic parts. Overall, I think it looks excellent, now let’s just hope it is more competitive than last year.

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Alpha Tauri AT01

Wow… That’s all I had to say when the car was revealed to the world. A simple dark grey-blue and white livery on a chassis that looked excellent. While I had my doubts over what we would see in regards to the Torro Rosso re-branding, they were all swept away. I have no complaints at all, I just hope it’s as good as it looks

By the way, it ties for the number 1 place on this list so don’t worry too much about it being written as second.

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So there you have it, my thoughts on which is the best looking F1 car of the 2020 grid. This was a really good year with no particularly ugly cars, so don’t take the lower ranked places as an insult. These, of course, are just my opinions, so what are yours? Feel free to let us know!

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