You may have noticed recently we haven’t put out too much fresh content. Well good news! The reason for that is we are currently planning a lot more content which will be hitting you computer and mobile screens in the next two months.

Content such as The Back Roads Episodes one and two re-released with our new look, one of our first features which includes the brilliant Henry Catchpole, a probable piece on the LeMans winning 1966 Ford GT40 as well as a feature on a very nice 1963 Mercedes 190 SL.

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It is just over a year to the day that The Back Roads as a concept was created and would like to take this time to thank everyone for their continued support over the past few months.

For those of you who have joined us recently, we made the decision to leave our following on DRIVETRIBE to become an independent outlet in a move to expand and establish ourselves as a separate and reliable source of automotive content. We thank everyone who has supported us in our work including but not limited to, Ben Hodges, Aaron Wake, Tom Howard, Matthew Kanniah, Niels Godron, Paul Woodford, The Toms and of course the fantastic pleasure of Richard Hammond following our work on the site.

We should also say a thank you to Footman James for their recently hospitality at Chateau Impney Hillclimb, giving us a chance to finally stretch our wings after a long time dormant.

We’d like to take this opportunity to look at notable things this past year.

Humble beginnings.

TBR started as a two friends thinking “we’ve got a car, a madman and a sarcastic B*astard. What’s the worse that can happen?” back in August of 2016 – we quickly moved onto DRIVETRIBE and grew to a total of 22,000 members before deciding to start completely fresh.

Our first gig.

A notable point where we thought “actually this could go somewhere” was when we were offered to go and visit the Ford Heritage Centre to look around and chat with top brow at Ford. Needless to say when we were asked what kind of numbers we were getting and had to say “well… we don’t yet” there were a few confused faces, but it did give us the opportunity to create our first, and one of our most successful articles to date. It also was the start of an ever growing relationship with the fantastic people at Ford.

Picking fights with race drivers.

In April Aston Martin’s racing division invited us to spend the day with them at Silverstone for the WEC 6hr. What an experience! It was Liam’s first ever time at a racing event as well (which has a certain level of irony considering he’s working in this industry). Meeting up with Nikki Thiim and having a fantastic chat about things.

We look forward to what the future holds and hope you’ll be along for the ride for many years to come.

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