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The New Jaguar F-Type: Refined Form


Jaguar has unveiled a mid-cycle refresh of the popular F-Type Sports Coupe – prolonging the lifespan of the brands’ halo car into the new decade.

2020 Jaguar F-Type

The Powertrain

The biggest change for the new F-Type is to the engine: Gone is the V6 engine from the previous generation, and along with it the option for a manual gearbox.

The characterful Jaguar Supercharged V8 will now sit at around 443hp, with around 567hp available from the F-Type R model. If you fancy saving some pennies on the configurator and lightening the front-end of the car a turbo-charged 4 cylinder has been introduced in place of the V6, producing 295hp.

2020 Jaguar F Type R - Active Exhaust System

Regardless if you choose the four or eight-cylinder engines, the car will come equipped with an Active Exhaust System which has been tuned to expose the crackles and pops that have made the F-Type so playful since it emerged on the market in 2013. If you choose to go for the F-Type R or SVR, your local neighbourhood will thank you as a “Quiet Start” feature will be available, leaving you the moral choice of waking everyone up or not.

The V8 cars allow you another choice: All-Wheel Drive or Rear-Wheel Drive. The All-Wheel Drive is on paper the fastest F-Type configuration you can select for yourself, with 0-60mph times set at 3.7 seconds and a restricted top speed of 186mph from an electronic limiter. If you want a more involved and potentially playful driving experience, the Rear-Wheel Drive option can be selected allowing you a modest 4.4 second 0-60mph time, and a top speed of 177mph.

All powertrain configurations are mated with an 8-Speed automatic gearbox, with full manual control from a pair of steering wheel mounted paddles.

The Exterior

The other focus of this new 2020 F-Type is a redesign, namely in a front-end facelift to refresh the look of an F-Type after a 6 year run on the roads. The front bumper has been given a wider grille to increase the presence of the car; a tactic shown by the likes of BMW, Audi and Lexus in recent years. The new headlights are sleeker than before, sitting back further and lower with new LED technology; accentuating the overall grimace of this new big cat.

The rear of the car has been left alone, which is a shame as it undermines the changes to the front of the car but nonetheless; It’s still one of the best looking cars for sale today.

The Interior

A new 12.3-inch Touchscreen has been introduced to the F-Type, allowing the driver to access more functionality than in the previous model. A central rev counter is essential for any car looking to be driver focused and is very helpful for when you are trying to get those crackles, pops and bangs just right for the perfect Jaguar Rice Krispie experience!

Want to find out more about the all-new Jaguar F-Type? Check out Carfection’s video preview of the new model.

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