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The Czinger 21C: A Hypercar Set To Challenge The Climate


A new Hypercar contender has entered the market in the form of the Czinger 21C, but attempting to stick out from the crowd it has touted itself as a car – for the 21st century. 

Czinger 21C

“How can a car be made for the 21st century?” I force you to ask. Well, it is a good thing you said that as I can continue on now. Czinger (pronounced Zinger, like the chicken burger) is a new manufacturer onto the scene based out of Los Angeles, California using new manufacturing methods for the production of their cars.

Processes such as 3D Printing are present in the design to produce components, and rumour is it that the car’s combustion engine will be running on synthetic fuels. Utilising these production methods, the car is intended to have less impact on the environment through its manufacturing until the end of its life than any EV vehicle. Some of the competition it seems to be eyeing up are the Lotus Evija and Automobili Pininfarina Bautista, two supposed rocket ships disguised as electric hypercars.

With a striking in-line seating design, similar to a Renault Twizy actually, the 21C is attempting to set itself apart from the competition even further alongside its reportedly revolutionary design.  With a sweeping rear lightbar, it certainly looks like a modern design take and something we may find in a future Synthwave themed driving video, cruising through the night.

Only time will tell when it comes to finding out the performance figures and pricing for the Czinger 21C, but it touts dominating performance alongside its revolutionary manufacturing methods and design; all created in Los Angeles. We’ll find out more about the Czinger 21C and its promise at the 2020 Geneva Autoshow this coming March.

To get yourself excited about the new Czinger 21C, check out their teaser video ahead of Geneva:



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