New Horizons: Forza Horizon 4 Community Night


Forza Horizon 4 is arguably one of the best open world motoring themed games to ever hit our PC’s and Consoles in recent years. But what if you capture car culture virtually too?


That’s exactly what we set out to do here at The Back Roads. We recently held our first ever games night on The Back Roads Discord server and boy were we in for a treat! We hosted a variety of events over the course of the evening ranging from private online adventures which saw the use of a 1,500bhp Cadillac Limo, using everything but the brakes to get around a corner – To a flock of Bike engine powered Peel P50s, dominating the top of the leaderboard. It was utterly staggering.

Never in my many years of online gaming have I experienced such utter chaos in a space of 3hrs as much as I have in Forza Horizon 4. By the end, everyone had a sore throat and aching stomach from the sheer amount of laughing that took place.

Of course, it would be silly not to take advantage of Forza Horizon 4’s open-world environment, so towards the end of the games night, for those who stayed we held a virtual car meet at locations across the map reminiscent of Caffeine & Machine.

The idea and concept of a monthly community event like this were very much inspired by real-world car culture of club meets at locations across the map spanning different themes and genres. This event was very much “Anything goes” but opens up an opportunity for Supercars only or 80s Sports cars & JDM meets taking place over the course of the next few months.


After the Private online adventure was completed, we met up and headed over to the meet location near Ambleside for the photoshoot. Cars ranged from 70s classics to the monstrous Ferrari F50 of the 1990s.

But what we really took away from this event is how open and fun the car community can be. Not just on a gaming level, but in how a bunch of people who hadn’t ever met before came together and had a spectacular evening playing video games and talking about cars.

We’ll include the full gallery of pictures we took from the evening below, but if you fancy joining in one of these events, be sure to join us on Discord.


Liam Freeman
I pretend I know things about cars.

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