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Oh dear god, what have the crazy minds at Playground Games created? Over the last few years, almost every game developer was trying to create a Battle Royale game, like Apex Legends, or they were trying to implement a game mode into their existing game, like World of Tanks. Funnily enough, they’ve said that it’s been an idea that has been tossed around at the PG office for around a year and a half now…

We knew from Forza’s previous videos that have been on YouTube, that they have been trying to tease people about something called the eliminator.  Even doing so on their monthly twitter tease, where the majority of the content on their image this month was about the eliminator.

Straight away people came up with wild ideas. The most sensible of them being an elimination-style race, which isn’t uncommon for a game to have, where you race and every 30 or so seconds, the player in last is knocked out. Of course, many of the well known Forza Horizon 4 players such as Jakexvx, have been furiously thinking of ideas so what this would be.

What actually is it?

So it is a battle royale game mode like you are already familiar with, but with 72 players and of course… cars. You have to stay inside the zone to avoid being eliminated from the game. Just from the trailer, you can see that there is an Austin Mini Cooper that transforms into a 22b WRX STi by driving underneath a drone of some form.
Now one of the biggest questions is questioning if you just have to ram people really, really hard or something similar to that to ‘kill’ a player. This is apparently not the case. On the Livestream, they said that it is going to be all “racing-based”. So no guns attached to cars or any of those sorts. You will roam around on the main map and challenge players to a 1v1 race – just like in freeroam! The winner of that race receives an upgrade to their car, while the loser gets eliminated.

Upgrades and Progression

So there are 10 different levels of cars that you can receive. From what I have seen so far, it seems that everyone first starts at a classic Mini Cooper. You can upgrade to the next level by winning a head to head race as I’ve already said, however you can get ‘rare’ cars via car drops. I assume that this is what the drone is for. The car that the drop contains is shown and how far away from it you are, however, it is not on your map, so you’ll need a sharp eye to get ahead of the competition.  These drops aren’t necessarily one level about what you are currently in, such as on the Livestream, one of the players upgraded from the Mini (Level 1) to a VW Toureg (Level 3) and then to a Bentley Bentyga (Level 6).

One point to add to the head to head races is that if you have won the head to head, you have the option to take your opponent’s car instead of upgrading your own. Also, the fact that you can start a head to head race without having to stop/face the same way which can be interesting as you can’t decline the race either! The races themselves are about 2 miles long, though I suspect this will change depending on the zone. They are point to point races so if you do miss freeroam rush, this is the mode for you.

Each round is 2 minutes long and between the rounds, the area shrinks which does seem to take around 3 minutes. So I think it is safe to assume each whole round is about 5 minutes. You can actually see other player’s via arrows on your mini-map and when they’re on your minimap you can see them and even see if they’re in a race or not, but it should help to keep the action fairly non-stop. There is a big blimp in the sky which indicates the centre of the arena so if you do fancy trying to meet up and test your luck, you know where to go.

The Final Countdown

When the final round comes, where the zone has gotten to as small as it can get, then a countdown will start to the ‘final race’. For this final race, it is about 4 miles long from the centre of the zone, and the zone boundaries are removed. Race to the finish, and claim the victory! In typical Forza fashion, don’t forget to spam your fellow petrolheads with your cringy emotes too.

Unfortunately, they have not told us much about what the prizes are for this game mode so we will have to wait and see. It could very well just be typical credits and followers as normal though. They have also not told us if there will be your typical battle royale “Squads” or in Forza terms, Convoys, that can team up.

So how much is Fortnite Horizon 4? It’s completely free, which they’ve also tried to shout about too. Starting from the 12th, you will be able to play the game, maybe in your brand new Supra if you haven’t forgotten to pick that up and try to get that Victory Royale. Do you think that the Eliminator is a good idea? Let us know on our discord server, and I’ll see you on the battlefield!




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