Players Show BMW

North Weald Airport

Home to light aircraft, experience days and a hanger! Many different car shows through the course of the year frequent the area including huge open drag strip contests with hundreds of participants using their bikes and cars. However, in September it hosts what is known as the ‘Players Show’ A show designed around the outlandish arty brilliance of the modern modified car culture scene.

Walking around this event you can see the true labour of love poured into these beautiful pieces of what I would consider art. Decked onto the ground with insane amounts of camber and hidden airtanks, wide body work and paint polished to a fine gleem.


Walking into the huge hanger that is home to some of the more extravagant vehicles you can hear sound-off battles in the distance, blow-off valves doing their thing, pounding sub’s and that casual rotary screaming at 10000rpm!

For a whopping £15 you’ll find a vast array of different styles, car manufacturers and models none of which are even close to being left stock, we found it to be the perfect combination of superb content acquisition for all you folks at home and brilliant inspiration for some future projects of our own. We should not fail to mention the star of the show, the Monster Energy Hoonigan 1200bhp Mustang!


I highly recommend going next year if you have yet to experience this superb niche event. It is at this moment I should not keep you any longer from experiencing the creative side of the car world, so take heed and enjoy some of the shots I managed to grab while running around in overwhelmed excitement!

Enjoy folks!

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