Yes, you read that correctly. The legendary rally driver, Colin McRae’s Ford Focus WRC car is up for auction!

Well… kind of. Admittedly, this car will fool the wider majority of people 99% of the time. Surprisingly, it isn’t actually a genuine WRC car but instead a very convincing doppelganger with a rather unique history.

This car was in fact purpose-built by M-Sport in Cumbria alongside the actual WRC cars, using the exact same body kit, aero, Iconic OZ alloys and M-Sport centre wheel caps and even sponsorship decals as it’s genuine counterparts.


But why?

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Well, this particular car’s sole purpose was to be used as a promo-car touring the country promoting the debut of the new Focus and the signing of Colin McRae and Nicky Grist.

Okay, so it’s not a real rally car. But surely it’s got the same engine, right?


This car was originally fitted with a standard 1.4 Zetec engine until a private buyer performed open heart surgery on the car and fitted the 2.0 engine, gearbox and running gear from a later Focus RS to the car.


The interior is all completely kitted out with the same kit as the real thing and is in fact indistinguishable from the WRC counterparts.

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Signed by Nicky Grist himself, this unique WRC lookalike is fully road legal and comes with a V5C (which records it as a 1999 Ford Focus Sport 1.4), a Ford data sheet from the Focus RS 2.0 Duratec which donated the engine and running gear, an MOT valid until August 2018 and a copy of the limited edition book ‘WRC: The Focus Era’ (no 1836 of 2000).

For your chance to grab a really cool homage to the late, great, McRae it’s up for auction at Brightwells, Leominster this Wednesday 16th of May.

Lot. No 146.

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