The Audi R8 LMS GT2: Next Generation Gentleman’s Racer


At the infamous Goodwood Festival of Speed held at the helm of Summer in the UK, Audi has revealed their most powerful customer race car yet.

Audi R8 LMS GT2

The Audi R8 LMS GT2 is the new top dog in the customer racing catalogue that Audi Sport is offering, it is the most powerful car that they have ever produced, outputting 640HP to the rear wheels from the V10 engine.

The plan for the GT2 is to run in a new racing series currently in development to begin racing in Europe and North America, trying to fill a snug slot between the GT3 and GT4 racing series. Although, it is a bit confusing… GT3 is the top tier, and GT4 is the lower tier, with a GT2 sandwich filling.

The aerodynamic approach for the car is a focus on “Longitudinal Downforce”, keeping it nice and stable. Of course, they don’t go into too much detail about the downforce potential of this car, which is very helpful for the interested parties. The rear wing is quite large, but with limited aerodynamic elements attached to it presumably to reduce drag, as these GT2 cars won’t be of the same aerodynamic capability of a full-blown R8 GT3 car.

The main focus on this customer car is Gentleman Drivers, a term used for drivers who typically pay for a race seat in the form of sponsorship, purchasing the car or owning the team so that they get a chance to compete in high levels of motorsport despite not having a professional background. Although sometimes frowned upon in the racing world, they are an essential backbone to motoring, making it more accessible for people who didn’t escape the womb in a go-kart and fireproof race suit.

Customers will be able to order the R8 LMS GT2 for 338,000 euros plus the VAT, so 405,600 euros for those who will choose to pay the VAT. These race cars will be delivered from December of 2019 onwards in preparation for the GT2 class racing series in 2020 coming to Europe and North America.

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