I am a cat person. I used to have two, then it doubled to four, now it’s unfortunately just one. My partner is a dog person. She loves how loyal a dog is, how it will do everything it can for its master, and how the chances of it coming into the house and shitting on the bed are pretty slim. Unlike cats.

I understand, of course I do. But I like my pets to have some cheek. Not to follow me everywhere I go, but to sometimes turn around and give me the middle finger – metaphorically speaking.

The Skoda Citigo is a man’s best friend. It will keep you safe with its braking assist function and driver’s aids, keep you dry with the umbrella under your seat, and will connect to your phone’s Move&Fun app to give you the latest driving data, navigation, and other helpful features.

It comes with two engine options. Both 3-cylinder, 1-litre engines but with differing power figures. The entry level producing 60PS and the more powerful of the two producing 75PS.

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They both produce an equal 95 Nm of torque. Plenty of bark for a dog that’s just designed for city driving. This means 0-60 times of 14.4 and 13.5 seconds depending on which engine you choose. The top speeds, albeit it irrelevant, are 101 and 108mph.

These figures, being not overly impressive, are overshadowed by a 68.9mpg rating. Unlike most dogs, this puppy takes small bites.

But what about someone like me? The Citigo so far comes across as a sensible and predictable option, but what if instead of wanting to be eco-friendly, you wanted something that

Skoda have you covered on that front, too. The Monte Carlo variant is based on a rally design with a sports chassis, lowered rideheight, front and rear spoilers, and other motorsport-inspired styling.

While there are no performance enhancements, the Monte Carlo package adds a bit of sass to the already light and rigid chassis of the Citigo. And while the auto ‘box is one of the lightest autos ever built, go for the manual to complete the thrill.

So it’s up to you. Are you a dog person, or a cat person?

The Skoda Citigo will cost from £8,635.00 OTR and is now available to order.

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