With the F-Pace immediately gaining popularity and quickly becoming the fastest selling Jaguar yet, the British car company knew they were onto a good thing by building into the SUV segment.

The E-Pace, or Jaguar Cub as they’re calling it, follows a similar philosophy, but being smaller than its F-Pace big brother, it forms a link between the sportiness of the F-Type and the practicality of the SUV. As I’m writing this, I’m wondering if Jaguar has just ripped up the rulebook on what an SUV is allowed to be. And I’m a bit excited.

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So how does it achieve this? Well first of all, both the exterior and interior design reflects dominant aspects of the F-Type. In particular the aggressive haunches towards the rear, passenger grab handle inside, and the extensive use of lightweight aluminium. If the driving experience reflects a similar amount of F-Type, then surely we’re on to a winner.

It’s all good news on the engine front, too, as it boasts a range of powerful and efficient Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, the most powerful of each producing 300PS and 240PS respectively and both being turbocharged.

With the more powerful engine, the E-Pace can rock up to 60mph within 5.9 seconds aided by its torque-biasing AWD system, and has a limited top speed of 151.

The more efficient diesel variant will return 60.1 mpg, but it’s only available in FWD. A fair trade? Maybe not to those wanting a spirited driving experience, but you can’t argue with the lower costs that accompany it.

All engines can be mated to a 9-speed ZF gearbox, with the lowest performance petrol and diesel available with a 6-speed manual.

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Keeping the heavy body in check is an optional active dynamic suspension system. This works to maintain grip, as well as an agile and sporty feel. The sophisticated Integral Link rear suspension in the rear also frees up luggage space, meaning it will fit a pushchair, a set of golf clubs and a large suitcase in the boot according to Jaguar.

These family friendly features span the whole car, with ample room for five and plenty of technology to keep the occupants safe and entertained, including a 10-inch touchscreen, a choice of two premium audio systems, and even an airbag which deploys from the trailing edge of the bonnet to protect pedestrians.

The E-Pace certainly seems to be breaking the mould, as does Jaguar with the release in London featuring the E-Pace performing the first barrel roll ever completed by a production car (see video below).

Now all that’s left to see is if the E-Pace can live up to its press release in the flesh, and more importantly, if it can bring the fight to Audi’s Q3 and BMW’s X1. Something tells me it can.

The E-Pace is now available to order at a base price of £28,500 in the UK.

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