It’s no secret that Audi prides themselves on their well developed, high-tech Quattro system in their fleet and race cars, but this R8 is different… why? Because for the first time it’s rear wheel drive.

“Shock! Horror! Surely not?” I hear you cry, well yes, Audi have decided to ditch the power to all four wheels and get back in touch with the basics with a rear wheel drive R8 V10.

Personally, I love the idea of a rear wheel, 532bhp, V10 powered hooligan machine that isn’t afraid to test your skills to the absolute limit.

On that note, let’s talk a little more about that powerplant. Audi has chucked in a mid-mounted V10 engine, which is, at this point, one of the last naturally aspirated powerplants around, producing 532bhp and 398.3 lb-ft torque of at 6,500 rpm.

Despite having its rear wheels doing all the talking, performance off the mark and beyond remains ludicrous, with the 0-62mph time being just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 198mph.

The RWS also shares about 60% of its parts with the R8 LMS GT4 car so you can say you literally own a race car.

So what is so special about this RWS version?

Well aside from the obvious of being rear wheel drive, for the Inside, the driver and passenger sit in heated sport seats covered in leather and Alcantara. Bucket seats upholstered in rotor grey or black perforated Fine Nappa leather are also available as an option. As another visual identifier, the dashboard bears an emblem “1 of 999” indicating the limited number of units.

The Audi R8 V10 RWS is fitted as standard with black-finished, 19-inch, cast aluminium wheels in a five-spoke V-design that are exclusive to the model, with 245/35 tyres up front and 295/35 at the rear.

As an alternative, optional 20-inch forged aluminium alloy wheels in either matt titanium or gloss anthracite black are shod with 245/30 front tyres and 305/30 rears.

Audi Sport also offers owners the opportunity for full personalisation, with a gloss carbon finish extending to the mirror housings, front spoiler lip and engine bay.

All in all the Audi R8 V10 RWS is shaping up to be a real drivers cars with the sound of a naturally aspirated V10 filling your ear canals.

The R8 V10 RWS is available from £112,450.

Liam Freeman
I pretend I know things about cars.

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