A British team of tea and coffee drinkers have made a huge breakthrough in Hydrogen technology.

Yes you read that correctly! A plucky British Manufacturer, CGON, has played a vital role in the future of automotive development with their new product.
Now, we’re going to warn you right now… It’s not a looker. However, if this kind of technology is what saves the future of the internal combustion engine, I’m all for it.

Behold! Feast your eyes on its magnificence!

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Now before you dismiss it for looking like a broken bike rack, it’s actually rather clever. The system works by introducing small amounts of very pure, very powerful hydrogen directly into the inlet chamber where it combines with the fuel-air mixture. The resulting hydrogen-fuel-air mix, which has a cooler burn that’s faster than a conventional mix, creates a more complete combustion cycle.

The result is that almost all waste gases are eliminated, reducing emissions. And because CGON’s technology increases engine efficiency, less fuel is used, with real-world drivers reporting savings of up to 20%. In addition, in a diesel engine, the much cleaner emissions also put less stress on the particulate filter resulting in reduced maintenance and time off the road.

Now this is important for a few reasons. Not only does it reduce emissions up to 80% but it also improves efficiency by 20% on top of all that environmental goodness.

Simon Johnson, CEO of CGON said: “Air quality, especially in cities, is one of the great challenges of our time. You can’t open a newspaper without reading about vehicle emissions in urban centres around the world.
Over 100,000 cars fail their MOT each month on emissions alone in the UK. CGON’s ezero technology tackles this problem head-on by reducing particulates and NOx. We have completed testing of hundreds of vehicles at certified MoT stations and recorded an average 80% reduction in overall emissions, while also giving the consumer the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency. Independent testing by Emissions Analytics verifies our own testing, showing a huge reduction in emissions.”

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So while it isn’t a looker, this is a step in the right direction for the automotive industry, all that needs to happen is compressing the technology in such a way that it can become a viable option to be as standard on all future production cars!

On sale now, CGON’s flagship ezero1 product for passenger cars costs £459 inc. VAT and can be fitted in approx one hour.

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