With the Geneva Convention (Motorshow) on full beam and the press slides piling up on our desk, this little number caught my eye. From the perspective of some one who is not, and has never been a fond lover of BMWs (through no reason other than their notorious driver mentality issues), it shocked me that I feel an insatiable urge to cover it. Primarily because I think it is rather brutish and yet elegant. Think Stone Cold Steve Austin mixed with a bit of Anna Pavlova and top it with a bit of Marilyn M!

If the hints have not pushed you into the right direction then it will now be announced henceforth. The BMW M8 Gran Coupe Concept, unveiled today at the Geneva Motorshow, evokes everything you would expect in a modern M sport. And a little extra.

With the accentuated bumper brisking the road, the growling front end of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe delivers the surging promise of a spirited driving experience. The muscular curvature and precise sheet folds of the bonnet lead us to imagine what sits purring beneath its guise.


The face of the new BMW 8 sits firmly in the background of this concept, perpetuated forward by the toothy grin of the radiator grille. The transformer like eyes polish this off with a defiance and sense of nobility in their squinted, unbreakable stare! Within the ‘eyes’, you’ll find similar tech from the M8 GTE endurance racing car. Further stapling elements of modern-day motor racing and luxurious quality into its finer details. This provides a dynamic, hexagonal interpretation of BMW’s signature four-eyed front end. Not forgetting to mention those cavernous air intakes crafted in CFRP (Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) to let this ravaged beast breathe in its full capacity!

Forgetting the fact that this concept image is housing an attack helicopter in its upper right hand corner. Imposter! We move swiftly onto the side of this busty beauty! An imposing power struggle with its inner self, viewed from a distance the proportions of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe can be truly awed upon. Radiating the car’s dynamic character we find a long wheelbase and long bonnet effortlessly flowing into the roofline of which is cut abruptly short by an arcing blade.

It immediately becomes apparent that BMW has achieved the perfect coupe silhouette! It comes of no surprise that the Gran Coupe has a roof also manufactured with CFRP, this in turn lowers the car’s centre of gravity.


The Salève Vert paint finish makes this curvature pop in all of its glory, with a beautiful iridescent gradient, every broad artistic stroke and a purposeful pinch of this artform can be observed. Further building on its bold stance are the gold accented window trims, tinted windows, invisible B Pillar and other gold accented components like the grill surround and wheels. This prancing hulk becomes a prominent character to be reckoned with!

Slap that rear end! Wow! For me this is the best part of this concept art. A visionary response to a fairly dull German market when it comes to bodywork. Notably the widest part of the car, this is a bottom to be aware of! It stamps down and demands respect with its vast brake vents built into wide arches that mold so graciously into the powerfully sculpted C Pillar shoulders. The rear lamps contrast the angry front end with an almost sleepy feel, and yet we all know that this is most definitely the end that makes the ruckus as she is no sleeping angel!

Within all these masculine features there is the swooping body spoiler which brings the entire rear end together with one arc of self confidence. No line is too sharp or too curvaceous to defeat it. The feminine touch doesn’t last long when dropping down to those quad cans to ram home that this machine is not playing ball when you stamp down on her throttle!

If BMW releases this concept any time soon. I dare say I would like to give it a whirl! There! I have fully admitted that there is a BMW out there for me! (Besides Motorrad of Course)

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