Ford has revealed it’s all-new 2019 Ford Focus, and admittedly, it looks great! But is it just an oversized Fiesta?

We recently had a discussion within The Back Roads team about Ford’s recent car-design being a little dry. However, this latest edition of the Focus has really taken us by surprise.


So what do you need to know?

Put simply, the new Focus is a clean sheet for Ford. Supposedly designed to be the next generation of products from Ford aimed specifically at the user.

The design of the new Focus certainly is one that sits well with us, being one of the better Focus designs in recent years. It has a considerably better fuel economy due to it being lighter than the previous as well as some very cool driver assists which we’ll get into in a moment.

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This is the first time the Focus has had a big overhaul in terms of it’s design since it’s inception. It’s striking and pleasing on the eye. It would also appear taller.

There, of course, will be multiple different models of the new Focus all the way from the medium tier ‘Titanium’ to the rather lavish ‘Vignale’ or perhaps the ‘Active’ is more your thing? There’s also a wagon version, so dog walkers rejoice!


But the one the most of you are here for is the one featured in these pictures. The ST-Line…

The ST-Line comes with a cool body kit, some great looking rims and a firmer chassis to help with all those back road corners.

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The new Focus comes with 13 colour choices from Orange Glow, Desert Island Blue and Vignale-exclusive four-coat Dark Mulberry.

It also comes with a vast array of driving assists including Active parking, a heads-up display, Stop & Go, Speed Sign recognition and Lane-Centering.

All in all, the new Focus is shaping up to be one of the best yet – hopefully, our questions will be answered in June…

Liam Freeman
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