That’s right! Everyone’s favourite on-screen grease junkie, Edd China is back with an all-new series.

Now, just to clear things up, this isn’t Edd’s new Youtube series ‘Garage Revival’ that aired last month (see below). This is an all-new series co-starred by Al Cox where the duo will work with the audience to rebuild a 1968 Jaguar E-Type.

Above: Edd China’s Garage Revival.

So what will this new show be called? I hear you ask from the back…

Well, rather fittingly, it’s been called ‘Built by Many’ which is perfect for what this new series is looking to achieve.


Along the way, there will be a large delivery of ‘How to’ videos, plus a great backstory of the car and history of Jaguar. Jaguar authority Philip Porter will also act as the duos Patron and offer his knowledge as well as exclusive access to two very famous E-Types.

Not only will you be able to catch the new show in video format, you’ll also be able to keep updated with the project in Practical Classics Magazine where Edd himself will be writing about the teams progress.

Edd China said: “We want to celebrate our automotive heritage by keeping classics cars on the road. Not just housed in museum collections or rusting away at the back of a shed! I’m all for the preservation of historic vehicles and want to get this beauty back on the road for all to enjoy. I’m looking forward to being a grease junkie again and inspiring others to join me on this road trip.”

The first trailer for Edd China’s new show will make its way onto our screens on the 1st of June and the first episode is expected to air towards the end of Summer.

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