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Electrifying Enthusiasts: Swind’s Electric E-Classic Mini


The electrically-charged wizards over at Swindon Powertrain have created a beautiful Frankenstein machine to prowl the streets of England: The E-Classic Mini

Swind E-Classic Mini

The electrified classic Mini by Swindon Powertrain.

Swind’s managing director Raphael Caillé felt that there was a gap in the market for an electric car that people could fall in love with, and settled on the idea of creating an all-electric version of the iconic Mini to win the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Using their new Wiltshire facilities that they have found at their disposal, they got to work creating their new Magnum Opus of the EV world.


The main concern with an electric mini is the weight of it, considering the small and lightweight nature of the Mini is why it is such a classic among the world. But thankfully Swind’s battery has only added 80kg to the weight, but that isn’t much concern considering the car still only weighs 720kg. The car has a range of 125 miles from it’s 24kWh battery, which produces 80KWs of power, the equivalent of approximately 110bhp. Compared to some of the more recent electric vehicles, this hasn’t got the quickest sprint to 60mph, coming in at 9.2 seconds to get up to speed, which is still quicker than the first BMW generation Mini with the 1.6l Petrol engine. An interesting bit of acceleration stats we’ve gotten from Swind is that 30-50mph takes 4.3 seconds, which will be good for some overtaking power.

This little E-Classic Mini is set to be a perfect car for the city dwellers, and parking it should be easy as long as there is an EV hookup nearby. The car will take 4 hours to charge with a Type-2 Female charger and features some modern creature comforts to update the little hatchback. These features include as standard USB ports, heated leather seats, underfloor heating (Although maybe that’s just a side effect of a warmed up battery…) and heated front and rear windscreens. From the options list available on the Swind website, an infotainment system including a Sat-Nav can be added for £1,920 or a full sliding fabric roof for £2,280. If you wanted to organise a bespoke options package for your E-Classic, Swind can be contacted to organise this.

Swind E-Classic Mini

Swind E-Classic Mini

You can secure your Swind E-Classic Mini from the Swind webstore here. The cars final price will be £79,000 which is a lot of money to ask for in the EV world, as that puts you into Tesla Model S territory for a used 100D (Not the P100D mind) or the all-new Jaguar I-Pace. Or, if you have the space and the lunacy about 8 or 9 Renault ZOE’s. The price you pay is to have the classic and iconic body of the Mini but with modern creature comforts and running gear that is sure to see you through the busy British streets.

You will be able to choose from six standard colours and three interior colours and a wide variety of options. The website will take your £4,800 deposit and start you off on your electrifying journey into the city with your little mini.


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