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The Ferrari F8 Tributo: A New Horse In Town


The next V8 Ferrari has been unveiled ahead of Geneva, and Ferrari reckons it is their best yet. But will this be the greatest car in the world? Maybe it’s just a Tributo…

Ahead of the official reveal at Geneva on March 5th, news has come from Maranello to show the all-new Ferrari F8 Tributo, which will replace Ferrari’s outgoing 488 GTB. Inspired by the Pista, it has Ferrari’s most powerful V8 to date, pumping out a mighty 710HP.


Ferrari says that this car, despite being turbocharged, it has no hint of turbo lag, which is quite the achievement in the modern supercar scape, of mad power being made by turbocharged engines. And, undoubtedly Ferrari claim the car has an evocative soundtrack to go along with the amazing styling of the car. A record 182hp per litre is developed from the 3.9l V8, the most of any production car to date.

The new styling tweaks can be best appreciated from the aerial view provided to us by Maranello, which perfectly showcases the new S-Duct inspired by the 488 Pista. This new S-Duct alone accounts for an extra 15% of downforce over the outgoing 488 GTB, and with the introduction of brake cooling ducts where the larger headlights used to be, its one slippery car.

From the front, the car appears to be a 488 Pista facelift, but looking from the rear view you can see where the new design kicks in, the Lexan rear window panel shows off the fabulous beating V8 heart of the F8, akin to its predecessor, and perhaps the most famous Ferrari V8; The F40. The spoiler of the F8 allows for some new headlights, which remind me of the Ferrari Enzo, and was originally seen in the 1975 308 GTB.

The interior of the F8 is relatively unchanged from the 488 GTB, featuring a slightly tweaked steering wheel that is built to be lighter than the previous generation and more driver-focused, and features the new “Human Machine Interface” infotainment system. Overall, with the Louvres on the Lexan rear panel and the slightly stripped out interior, in its light spec the car weighs 1330kg, 40kg lighter than the 488 GTB.

Looking like one of the best looking cars going on the market soon, we will get all the information at the Geneva Autoshow next week to see how deep your pockets will have to be, but it is looking like the step we needed after the 458, making the 488 seem like a stop-gap.

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